Thursday, September 20, 2012

Will I ever rest???

Okay, I am usually a pretty happy girl, and I try to "stay posi" (stay positive for all you uncool folks out there)
However, I am just plain overwhelmed!Between working a full-time job, taking a full load of classes, being a full time mother, wife and zoo animal keeper, I am just ready to cry sometimes. Please don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my life and would not change anything. (Ok, actually you could just go ahead and give me that degree and say screw the 1 1/2 semesters that I have left. That would totally help.)

I am just tired. Sometimes I feel like people in my life think I don't do anything, or at least whatever I do isn't enough. I'll trade ya. I know I am nowhere near the "Busiest Mom of the Year" award or even the "Best Mom of the Year", but I do MY best and I am always doing trying to do the next right thing, so just bear with me.

So which one of you are on your way to my house?

Some days I rant and whine and cry, While on other days i feel completely put together and on point. The only thing that matters is that I stick to my guidelines that I lay out for myself: 1)Do the next right thing, and 2) Take One Day at a Time.

So today I will make my list of things to get done, follow my "rules", and do a little school work in between some work. After work I will pick up my son and we will have fun and clean the house. Maybe make a game of it. I gotta enjoy his helping hands while I've got them! lol Doesn't hurt that he is only 2 and wants to do whatever mommy is doing! SCORE! 

So  with that, It is time to put on my big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT

Teehee... Couldn't have said it better myself.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Make your own Room Scents!

Ok Guys, I got this off of Natural Living and Parenting's Facebook page.

I am going to try it tonight! I can't wait to see how they turn out! I will post pictures this weekend!

My house is gonna smell better than cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning! Eeek!
Aren't they precious????

DIY Natural Room Scents

Throw out all those canned room sprays and make your own natural and safe room scents using simmering waters infused with spices, herbs & fruit.

Fragrant items for naturally scenting your home:

Citrus - I've tried other fruits. Some of them smell good initially, but they don't hold up for more than one use. Citrus is sturdier, longer-lasting, and gives these scent recipes freshness. Lemons and oranges are particularly fragrant and have the best staying power in these scented waters.

Herbs - Any herb can be used for making a room scent, but the ones that are sturdier and on woody twigs hold up the best. My favorites for room scents are rosemary and thyme.

Pine or Cedar Twigs/Needles -- There may be other fragrant trees that will work, too; pine and cedar are the two I've tried for their appealing, fresh fragrance.

Extracts -- A touch of vanilla or almond extract improves most room fragrance mixtures. Mint extract has a nice fresh scent.

Spices - You can use ground or whole sweet spices. The whole spices look prettier, if your scented water will be in a location where it will be seen. I have found that cinnamon sticks and whole cloves have the most scent staying power. Cinnamon sticks can be rinsed off and reused several times. -

Good luck! I'll let you know how mine turned out! I love upcycling and using natural products to make wonderful things!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

As a full-time mother/employee/student/wife, I have little to no time to actually do things that are necessary to keep myself alive. Contrary to my husbands beliefs I do not get to do the little things done that I want to do. You know, like take a bubble bath and read dirty books?

This weekend I am going to start reading my new book The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I can't wait! It is time for me to take control. :) I WILL be happy. I am starting to feel a "funk" coming on that is a little depressing. I always have so much that needs to be done, but when the funk comes waltzing in I can kiss my chores good-bye. It takes away my "want-to" and throws me on the couch. It is terrible and I refuse to get  to that point.

Yesterday, I decided to go grocery shopping and get some groceries to cook what my hubby calls "real" dinner. Apparently corndogs and PB&J sandwiches do not count as home cooked meals. pssshhh. Whatever. My two year old would totally beg to differ!

So last night was stuffed chicken breast and tonight is gonna be Steak wrapped in bacon. Adventures on the grill. Oh dear, I can already see myself failing miserably tonight, but I am going to try anyway because this is what I have to do to make myself stay away from the black hole. I will make some new projects, finish some old ones, and cook to my hearts content. Maybe even throw in a few loads of laundry and clean the floors while I am at it! Yeehaw! ha

I'll put up any projects that I may have throughout the weekend :)

Till then, rest easy with another cute picture of......

My honey and our chicken Sally Mae :)

Keep rocking in Serenity

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Here we go again....

Hi. I'm Candice. I'm sober, and believe it or not, my life is anything but boring. I have a crazy child named Hudson whom I absolutely adore. I am recently married to the most amazing man on the face of the earth and inherited two beautiful children at the same time. :) My life is anything but complete. I learn something new everyday. I take one day at a time and sometimes one minute at a time. Trust me, around here it's necessary. (sometimes even a breath at a time)\

If you want to check out my old blog, you can go here . There were some ups and downs in there, but I thought it was time to switch to a Blogger account, so here we are.

And, to start with introductions, you're gonna get wedding pictures, because, well, that is what I have on my work computer.

 This is my step-son Will
 My Daughter by marriage Ansley, and my son  Hudson
 Myself and the Hudster
 He refused to carry the pillow down the aisle, so he carried a truck and Will carried the rings.
 My cutie-patootie Hubby, Jack
 Brother by marriage, Stu-baby and best friend Miloy
Plus the adorable niece down in front.
 See, I told you she was freakin' adorable. Meet Sofia, Hud's BFF
 This is me. Miss now MRS. *sigh*
 We were a match made in Wonderland.
Both equally goofy. And sober.
 Gee, Jack, could you make your smile a little bigger? ;)
I had my first dance with my son. He will always fill my soul.
How could you not love that face? Just Presh....

So there you have it. MY family. I have a family. So hard to believe. Three years ago I had nothing, and now this. One day I will get into the ups and downs of my life. I have PLENTY of stories.

My life is beautiful. My family is beautiful. My love is beautiful. I love life. I put on foot in front of the other. I keep moving and I don't back down. One day at a time.