Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Focused? Says who?

So last night, like any good American my adorable Hubby and I watched the Presidential Debate last night on TV. Like a good American, I should totally care about foreign policy, except for when I am exhausted... then I get a little out there, and can't focus, and our conversation turns out like this. And Jack can attest. You can't make this stuff up. Unless you're really tired and delusional.

Me: Mitt hit it out of the park with that Flag pin. It is totally bigger than Bammy's.

Jack: What did you say?

Me: I am just saying... Mitt is looking a little more American than Mr. Prez right about now. And then the tie... oh, you add the tie and he totally wins.

Jack: *snickers*

Me: What do you think those ties cost?

Jack: I dunno... maybe $150-$200 bucks. Probably some sort of rare Raw Charmeuse silk...

Me: I bet that is where my taxes went last year.

Jack: *laughs* The President only gets paid like $200,000 a year.

Me: SHIT! plus a jet, plus a wardrobe, plus fuel, plus chauffeur. He totally doesn't pay for that.
Look I'm just saying.

Jack: Ok, Dear.

Me: Look I am just saying Mitt won. I mean look at the tie. His is red and blue stripes, add the cheesy smile in and he hits all demographics. With his red, white, and blue he is a total shew in. If he wasn't such a fako loser, I would totally  vote for him. But he sucks, and so does Bama so I will write in somebody... Maybe even YOU, honey! *with a big smile*

Jack: *Awkard look*

Me:  WHAT?!!!! How much do you think Romney paid one of his political advisors to tell him about the pin and tie... "Look, Mitt, You have got  to wear a bigger flag pin than the President. Everybody knows he isn't patriotic any way. Oh! And where a red AND blue tie. That will get 'em... We should even get Paula Dean to bake an apple pie for the Debate leader. THAT's a true American in your face stance on politics. No? Too Much? Okay, red and blue tie, and bigger flag pin it is. *slaps him on the butt* Knock 'em dead tiger"

Jack: Awfully talkative tonight aren't we?

Me: I'm just tired........And dillusional.

Jack: Me too.

Me: Good. Can we go to bed?

Jack: Thought you'd never ask.

Then he threw the remote at me to turn off the TV because clearly he was too tired to turn it off himself and we went to bed. This is the American way. It's all about the way ya look. Take note, Obama. You totally lost, man. Put that money to use dude.

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